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who I AM

MY approach

I believe every situation is unique and I work with MY clients to design a solution that will deliver results. 

I work with my clients as a team. I take the time to listen to their needs and challenges and together we develop a strategy to make their environment a place that is organized and productive. Each situation and client is different and I recognize their uniqueness.  

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We're all busier than ever and need help to stay on track. We look to experts in their field to help us be our very best.

Do you have a...

  • Personal Trainer
  • Career Coach
  • Maid
  • Dog Walker
  • Financial Advisor

Then consider hiring a professional organizer. I'm Tim Jenkins and I have a life long passion for organization. My training in professional organizing and black belt certification in continuous improvement give me the skills to help you. Let me increase your productivity in your personal and business life and give you more time for the things that are important to you.

Peggy P - I’ve always been a very organized person.  With recent life changes, I found myself struggling to stay organized in my home office. I had become overwhelmed and Tim helped guide me through the process and get me back on track. I could not have done this on my own and appreciate how Tim listened to my needs.

Patti T - Thank you so much for your patience and approach. As we all know we can become married to certain things that do not always provide the greatest value.  Your approach and questions provided me the ability to step back and assess not just when I use an object or space but how and to what purpose. The result for me is not only a very organized and much more functional kitchen space but also savings – not buying duplicate items because I know exactly what I have in stock. In addition, the follow up you have provided right after our engagement and later is terrific as it helps me incorporate the way I organize , as second nature. This experience for me goes beyond the assist you provided in my kitchen but also how I look at other storage areas in my home. I heartily endorse you and your services.

Richard L -Tim helped to provide me with the inspiration to better organize my home so that I wouldn't need to move to a larger space. Working together we were able to improve the way I used my space to address my life changes.